How can I pay for SportART products?

To finish all your payments, you can use PayPal. You can either pay by card via PayPal or opt for payment via your PayPal account.

Is my payment secure?

Yes it is. Payments for all our products made by credit or debit card are comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our clients sensitive data are sent directly to PAYMILL. The sensitive data never touches our servers and this drastically reduces the risk of misuse payment information.

Thanks to Paymill online payment provider, we use HTTPS on our website. In addition, Paymill regularely verify our security certificates and encryption algorithms.

What currency can I pay?

All prices are shown in Euros including VAT.

How do I know, my order and payment was successful?

Shortly after submiting your order, you will be notified about your purchase via email from our email address

Is my personal information confidential?

In comply with SportART s.r.o. confidentiality & privacy policy, SportART Innovative Clothing does not collect, store, or share personal or payment information, except those necessary to process your order. We will not give away, sell, or trade your personal information. You can request all your personal data removal here:

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