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During most activities, legs are the most strained body part. This is particularly true for sports where agility is the key. In order to push your boundaries, you need two things. Maximum support during the activity and fast recovery afterwards. That is why you need SportART Quadriceps Compression Sleeve.

Wear these sleeves stealthily under your shorts or pants and feel the difference.

Exceptional Technology

SportART CompressSleeves are world’s most advanced compressive products currently on the market. Priceless skills and knitting experience, endless and tireless hours of R&D became fruitful. SportART Premium Sleeves are knitted from a State-of-the-Art fabric with Elasthane base, which is looped over with nanosized polyamide several hundred times on 1 cm of elasthane length.

Focused Compression

SportART Premium Compression garment is carefully designed with respect to provide perfect veinous return as well as muscle compression. Unlike our recovery line of compression garment Premium Compression line focuses on the maximum support during the activity, hence it provides powerful compression directly at the muscle fibre.

Better Performance

The ultra light SportART fabric is constructed to maximize venous return from the lower body parts to the heart, which considerably reduces the build up of toxins, especially during prolonged and tough effort and training sessions.
Muscles benefit from improved O2 flow, which significantly reduces the possibility of cramps and injuries.
This allows for longer, higher impact sessions with less fatigue and quicker recovery.
The SportART fabric also optimises heat exchange and moisture management, which in turn optimizes your body temperature.

Faster Recovery

After exercise the SportART Quad Premium still accelerates veinous blood return while carrying toxins from, and increasing 02 flow to, the muscles.
Even occasional use significantly reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.
Muscle damage is repaired faster, which means you can train or compete fresher than your competition. So you can crush them!

Injury Prevention

Enhanced rigidity of the muscles results in shock waves of significantly reduced magnitude, which means that your muscles are supported during the activity and the risk of injury, such as aching or torn muscles and joints  is minimal.

GiveBack Policy in Place!

By purchasing this product you became an indirect donor of the SportART Foundation, through which you support physically challenged and disadvantaged individual sportsmen and sportswomen to reach their dreams!